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Los Angeles, CA Custom Wood Garage Door Designs

Custom Wood Garage Doors in a French Design

As one of the country's premier and most unique custom garage door manufacturer and designer of custom wood garage doors, Dynamic Garage Door has had the opportunity to build some of the most stunning garage door designs available in the market. In this blog post we are depicting and showcasing some of the  most unique, custom garage door designs found throughout the state of California.

Most of these custom wood garage door designs are found in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara, San Diego and pretty much in the most affluent cities within the California while we're also shipping our garage doors out of the state continuously for those located beyond our service reach.

The California Dream Custom Garage Door Collection is a compilation of various custom designed garage door designs that are a direct architectural inspiration found throughout the state of California. Every custom wood garage door in this compilation was authentically designed to complement the design style of each individual home it was crafted for. The careful selection of solid woods, stains and garage door dummy iron hardware to ensure that all these custom wood garage doors gracefully flow with the each home's architectural style. Let this blog post and images inspire you to improve the curb appeal of your home with unique custom-designed and handcrafted California Dream Garage Door Compilation.

Tuscan Style Garage Doors
Custom Wood Garage Doors in a Tuscan Design - Custom Western Red Cedar Garage Doors come in a simple, minimalistic design with decorative dummy iron garage door handles. The wire brush distressing and rich stain give these garage doors a rustic appearance that will age beautifully over time. These custom wood doors are located in San Diego, CA where they uplifted the Tuscan essence of this upscale residence. Simple designs sometimes make the greatest curb appeal improvements adding value and beauty to your home!

Custom Wood Garage Door in a Spanish Mediterranean Style
Spanish Mediterranean Custom Wood Garage Door - This custom wood garage door design was made to stand alone without the need for dummy iron decorations because the wood design is simply stunning! Contemplate the beauty of the natural wood grain and rich stain color a custom garage door like this will improve your home's curb appeal. The horizontal select tongue and groove cedar plank overlay and solid wood trim give this garage door a design character that separates it from most other garage doors out there. It is so well-designed that the section cuts are nearly impossible to detect except when operating the garage door. Custom garage doors such as this go well with Mediterranean architectural styles as well as Spanish Architecture and some Eclectic home designs found in Orange County, CA.

Spanish Garage Door Design
Spanish Style Wood Garage Doors - True custom garage door designs are not only built to resemble old world door styles but to be functional and conceal as much as the modern functionality as possible.  Hidden between the horizontal trim rails of these custom Spanish garage doors are the sectional break cuts that are only visible when being operated. When these garage doors are closed they look like swinging carriage-style doors. The decorative dummy iron handles add an outstanding element that make these garage doors look authentic!

Custom Made Mediterranean Garage Door Designs
Custom Mediterranean Garage Door Design - Sectional garage door design has vastly improved over the last decade or so offering modern functionality, old world charm and solidity of natural wood.  This is a gorgeous Custom Designed African Mahogany garage door in Orange County, CA crafted in an eclectic style that brings the best of several architectural influences together. The louver style top portion of this wooden garage door secretly hides the sectional breaks while the iron forged dummy handles borrowed from a different custom Spanish style garage door design bring the bottom diamond panels together in such harmony that it adds a subtle sense of character. Having the ability for authentic and true custom design offers the opportunity to mix styles and personal taste into a custom garage door design that will make heads turn!

Spanish Custom Garage Door Ideas
Orange County, CA Custom Wood Garage Doors - Influenced by European Architecture has revolutionized the custom designs available in wood garage doors today. Spanish or Tuscan? The truth is these Custom Wood Garage Doors are a unique feature that enhance the curb appeal of this home. These custom garage doors come in a design that is naturally rustic and will only get better with time. The  hand applied rich stain and decorative dummy handles are uniquely brought together to not only beautify the custom garage door design but the entire integrity of the home's architectural style. These wood garage doors, though they are charmingly aged are equipped with automatic openers that raise these sectional doors into the overhead with ease!

Spanish Garage Door Designs in Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA Custom Garage Doors - Spanish Colonial Architecture is predominant in Santa Barbara, CA as such most garage door design found in Santa Barbara will have a Spanish architectural influence to them such as these arched garage doors. The center pieces are actually hammered copper that have been treated with a chemical to bring out the turquoise patina that is generated over time naturally otherwise. The wood of choice was wire-brushed cedar to give the wood dimension, texture and an aged appearance. Meanwhile the decorative iron clavos that line the wooden trim accentuate the gorgeous Spanish Colonial style of this Santa Barbara home. Do you have a Spanish Colonial home that needs architecturally-correct custom garage doors? You will be amazed at just how much custom designed garage doors can improve the architectural appeal of your Spanish Colonial Home!

Iron Hardware for Spanish Garage Doors
Spanish Garage Door With Decorative Dummy Hinges - Decorative Iron Hardware is often times used on custom wood garage doors to either accentuate, define or enhance the architectural style of the door in question.  This Spanish garage door was custom designed with decorative dummy hinges forged in iron to define the overall swing-open appearance.  European doors of the old world typically include iron elements that were functional in their time but are now incorporated into the design and manufacturing of custom wood garage doors to bring back some of that old-world European authenticity and charm. This custom wood garage door design is definitely a winner in that sense. The use of rustic alder wood with its unique markings, grain and spotting made it a fantastic pick to use on this architectural Spanish garage door.

Custom Garage Doors in Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Regency Architectural Garage Door - Hollywood, CA is home to a unique architectural style referred to as Hollywood Regency which is an elaborate, sometimes extravagant design style that is remarkably lavish! These custom wood garage doors were crafted by hand in solid Mahogany wood overlay which was stained a richly to enhance the beauty of the mahogany wood grain. The raised paneling and diamond shaped bottom panels flow beautifully with the home's grand appearance. Entering this Hollywood residence is exquisitely enjoyable with a push of a button or HomeLink equipped vehicle. Garage Doors  with a flare of elegance designed for the stars but still within in reach! Get yours designed or have Dynamic Garage Door replicate a proportional design for your own Hollywood Regency Estate!

Wooden Garage Door Designs
Custom Wood Garage Doors in Orange County, CA - The look of European doors can be yours with custom designed architectural wood garage doors designed and crafted specifically for you. Keeping in mind the architectural style of your home while having your doors custom designed and crafted by Dynamic Garage Door is of great importance. Having the ultimate look in mind will help achieve an excellent garage door design that will not only last you a life time but will add immense beauty and architectural curb appeal that will make your neighbors turn green with envy. Get the results you really want by having Dynamic Garage Door design, craft and install your new custom garage doors! Get the best custom garage doors available in Orange County, CA today!

Santa Barbara Spanish Style Garage Doors
Spanish Colonial Garage Doors in Santa Barbara, CA - If you've ever been in Santa Barbara, CA you would have noticed the charming Spanish Colonial architecture found throughout the charming town's buildings including the gorgeous courthouse. This particular Spanish Colonial Garage Door was hand hewn and distressed to give it its authentic Spanish Colonial rustic appearance. Decorative iron pieces such as the ring pulls and speakeasy grills were added to add authentic Spanish Colonial detailing to this custom wood garage door. Authentic Spanish Colonial Garage Doors can only be done right by one company, Dynamic Garage Door. These garage doors are not the most budget-minded but the greatest return in value to your investment because not only will they add architectural beauty and correctness to your home but will last a lifetime!

Custom Made Wood Garage Doors
Dark Stained Custom Wood Garage Doors - The rich, dark (almost black) stain on these Custom Cedar Garage Doors is a bold feature that balances the rugged sand blasted wood used on these doors. Sand blasting wood brings out the heavy ridges of the natural grain that make solid wood such an excellent building subject on many of our doors. Dynamic Garage Door combines the ever-so- unique patterns found in natural wood and takes advantage of these variations to architectural designed garage doors that make heads turn.

Wood Garage Door With Glass Windows
Wood Garage Door Manufacturer in Orange County, CA - The casing on this Custom Wood Garage Door was redone to match the wood selection on the custom made garage door to give it a seamless finish! Arched windows with antique glass inserts crown the top panel on this overhead custom garage door while the wooden trim found throughout the doors design wittily hides the section cuts. With its beautiful variant wood grains and colors topped off with antique glass window panes and molding casing, this custom wood garage door is definitely a conversation piece in this Orange County, CA neighborhood. 

Garage Door Designs for Spanish Style Homes
Spanish Style Garage Door With Iron Window Grills - Knotty Alder Custom Garage Doors yield a variant display of color, grain and knots that undoubtedly are natural features that only this species of wood does so well. Heavy ring knockers, beefy iron hinges and iron spindle window inserts make up the various features of this custom Spanish garage door. The antique seedy glass gives this door a touch of ageless beauty and rustic appeal. Nothing like a custom wood garage door designed to your specifications and style of your home.

Wood Garage Doors in a Mediterranean Style
Los Angeles Mediterranean Garage Doors - At this Mediterranean-California Dream Home the Custom Cedar Garage Door does not fall short from the rest of the architectural essence. Finished in a satin clear coat and subtle stain color the hand-forged dummy iron decorative hardware gracefully finishes this custom wood garage doorCustom wood garage doors in this Mediterranean style are a perfect way to finish off an authentic Mediterranean look.

Mediterranean Garage Door With Iron Scroll Windows
Custom Mediterranean Style Garage Doors - Window Hand-Forged Iron Scroll Inserts on an Antique Glass background make this basic Mediterranean garage door design shine. Stained in a cherry-like color, this custom wood garage door makes entering the garage a pleasure. The scroll inserts on the windows are beautiful features that really bring this door design together. Such ornate scrolls can make a day and night difference on many garage door designs. Customization of scrolling makes a bold distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary!

Garage Door Designs from Europe
European Garage Doors - A European style residence with an earthy color scheme could not have looked better with Custom Garage Doors handcrafted out of rough cedar in an authentic European design. The brown, flat stain on these Custom Made European Garage Doors harmonize well with the residence's color scheme while staying true to the original architecture style. Powder coated hinges and knocker pulls are features that further embellished these European style garage doors. With so many garage openings in front of the house, custom wood garage doors were the answer to keeping this home's European design integrity.

Garage Door Decorative Iron Styles
Custom Garage Doors With Decorative Hardware - A Rough Cedar Wood Custom Garage Door with decorative iron hinges and knocker pulls. The faux arch top matches the overhead stone arch on the facade of this Southern California home. The earthy stain and flat finish of the garage door goes well with the natural stone facade of the home and rock driveway. Vertical tongue and groove slats framed in a wide wooden trim make this door look great. You can appreciate the natural features of the cedar wood used such as the knots, grain and color variation.

European Style Wood Garage Doors
Handcrafted Custom Garage Doors - Wooden trim pieces can be arranged in countless design patterns that result in extraordinary custom designs. This Wood Garage Door's trim patter is uniquely arranged and the routered edges simply make it look grand in unique design and quality. Master stained and coated with a satin clear finish this garage door will look great for many years to come. It is a garage door that definitely has marked a trend within the California Beach Community it was installed at. Custom wood garage door not only add value to your home's value but also aesthetic beauty and durability.

Garage Door Ideas for Arts & Crafts Architecture
Arts & Crafts Style Garage Door - Here is a Traditional Carriage Style Garage Door in an Arts & Crafts design with clear glass windows.  Select Tight Knot Cedar Custom Garage Door in a natural state, no stain or pigmentation was added to this garage door. This is natural wood at its simplest with only a satin clear coat to protect the wood from the natural elements you can surely enjoy the bare color of select tight knot cedar. The tongue and groove design with square windows at the top are typical of carriage house garage door styles but leaving the wood "in the raw" differentiates this two car custom wood garage door from the rest. This minimalistic garage door design is a true tradition in the carriage house style garage door architectural world.

Garage Door Ideas for Mediterranean Homes
Wooden Garage Door in a Mediterranean Design - Bleached African Mahogany Custom Garage Doors give the impression and look of a much warmer coloration but the durable density that is unique to Mahogany. Solid like a rock yet softer in color than what you would expect from a darker wood such as mahogany, this custom garage door brings the best of various wood species into one. Paired with a Marantec garage door opener, this door heavy as it is hardly makes a sound when operated at the push of a button.

Iron Hardware for Wood Garage Doors
Custom Designed Architectural Garage Doors - Handcrafted in Cedar Wood this Custom Garage Door is lightly stained and finished in a satin clear coat. The decorative iron hardware was painted black and it really pops against the softer color of the natural wood. It is a perfect contrasting combination that makes an excellent design statement. A design well-orchestrated to suit the homes architecture with its terra cotta tiled roof and exposed wooden beams. Combine all these essential features and you have a garage door that simply is beautiful.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern, Contemporary or Mid Century G Doors?

What is the difference between Modern, Contemporary and MidCentury Custom Garage Door Design Styles?

With the shift in architectural trends from the rustic styles of the old world such as Spanish Colonial, Tuscan Renaissance and Mediterranean into the more fine-lined designs of the modern world. We are beginning to hear classifications such as Mid Century, Modern and Contemporary architectural styles particularly in the custom garage door trade.

Mid Century Garage Door Styles refer to the fine-lined, minimalistic styles of the 50's and 60's. This style is known for its simplicity, functionality and carefree maintenance. Typically custom garage doors that carry this design trend are crafted out of warm stained wood species or left natural as in the case of teak. Although teak wood has been out of the garage door industry for many years it is making a comeback. The reason for this is the gorgeous natural grain that makes such a beautiful design statement that the actual garage door design doesn't have to be complex to showoff the beauty of natural wood. Additionally, teak wood is very oily which makes it a fantastic, carefree wood species to use in outdoor applications such as patios, furniture and, of course, custom garage doors!

Modern Garage Doors are unique in design and as with beauty it is in the eye of the beholder. There are absolutely no set rules in what is considered a custom modern garage door. Modern simply is the present day architectural trend. What is "in" for the current time and how differently unique it is from styles of the recent past. Normally modern garage doors are manufactured to suit the immediate functional and design need. For instance if the trend calls for frosted glass and stainless steel treatments then modern design would include those materials. Garage doors are no exception in the use of a variety of materials and being able to design, manufacture and make the combination of these functional in today's lifestyle is what Dynamic Garage Door does best! Just remember, modern garage doors will soon pass and will be a thing of the past; however, the time stamp modern architectural leaves today is the history that we will cherish tomorrow.

Contemporary Garage Doors make a futuristic statement of how architectural style will improve in the near future. Garage doors that are designed in a contemporary style make a bold statement. If anything defines contemporary in a single word it quite simply is defined as different. As garage door design changes over the years more and more homeowners want a truly unique design that speaks about their personalities and what makes them unique as individuals. Dynamic Garage Door caters to this need through contemporary garage door designs that not only complement architectural styles of the contemporary world but also the unique taste and personality of the homeowner, architect and/or contractor. We are not afraid to come up with defiantly different designs that others wouldn't even fathom ever producing. This is why many of our garage door styles are unrivaled, unparalleled and simply incomparable.

For those of you who looking for something unique and you've been told it can't be done, bring your ideas to us. We will work with you step by step to make your vision a reality in a masterpiece others simply refer to as a garage door!

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Dynamic Garage Door Earns Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award

Award reflects businesses’ consistently high level of customer service
Dynamic Garage Door has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award, an honor bestowed annually on approximately 5 percent of all the businesses rated on the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service and health providers.
“Only a fraction of the businesses rated on Angie’s List can claim the sterling service record of being a Super Service Award winner because we set a high bar,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “The fact that Dynamic Garage Door can claim Super Service Award status speaks volumes about its dedication to consumers.
Angie’s List Super Service Award winners have met strict eligibility requirements including earning a minimum number of reports, an exemplary rating from their clients and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.
Ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List, but members can find the 2011 Super Service Award logo next to business names in search results on
Angie’s List collects consumer reviews on local contractors and doctors in more than 500 service categories. Currently, more than 2 million consumers across the U.S. rely on Angie’s List to help them make the best hiring decisions. Members get unlimited access to local ratings via Internet or phone, exclusive discounts, the Angie’s List magazine and help from the Angie’s List complaint resolution service. Take a quick tour of Angie’s List and view the latest Angie’s List news.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jeld-Wen Discontinues Garage Doors

A Better Garage Door Option to Jeld-Wen's Discontinued Product

Jeld-Wen has announced that as of October 6, 2011 their garage door product line has been discontinued. In the midst of all the confusion, uncertainty and continued need for a product line that is similar, if not better in quality, Dynamic Garage Door is proud to re-introduce our Custom ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Door series. Although, we've always carried this product line with great success and durability there are many customers still in the dark as to what options are available after Jeld-Wen's product line discontinuation. For many years, Dynamic Garage Door, has been manufacturing eco-friendly garage doors for customers throughout the state of California and most recently shipped to the remaining forty-nine states and abroad. We understand today's discerning home owner who is conscious about our natural resources while still requiring high-end construction that is not only durable but architecturally complementing.

Because we are Dynamic in breed, Dynamic Garage Door is able to supply our high quality garage doors to individual homeowners, general contractors and builders alike. We strive to perfect and continue evolving our garage door manufacturing techniques that offer durability, architectural value and all while pitching in to preserve our natural resources with our eco-sustainable materials that will last a lifetime. As we move forward and carve our way through the garage door industry we have proven our unique product has dazzled architects, designers and homeowners throughout the state of California.

Are you looking for a Jeld-Wen replacement garage door? Dynamic Garage Door is here to help! Check out our ECO-Alternative Garage Doors and see for yourself why Jeld-Wen's garage door discontinuation is nothing to worry about...

Friday, November 4, 2011

The ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Door!

ECO-Friendly Garage Doors

Our Composite wood garage doors are a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to custom wood garage doors. Eco-Alternative garage doors are handcrafted out of composite wood materials that look and feel like high-end custom wood garage doors at a fraction of the price. Dynamic Garage Door handcrafts ECO-Alternative garage doors at an eco-nomical price with 100% recycled wood fibers that are tough against cracking and or splitting. The result is a phenomenally elegant finish that resembles natural wood while being eco-friendly and eco-nomic!
ECO-Alternative Materials

Dynamic Custom Garage Doors are manufactured with Duratemp, a siding that is fabricated with a resin-induced synthetic surface layer that is cohesive to even the most extreme weather conditions. Paired with our top-quality hardware & nylon rollers allow our garage doors to perform in optimum condition. Duratemp, the brand, offers a lifetime warranty on exterior overlays against cracking or delaminating so long as the surface finish is maintained over the years. No cracking and no delaminating ensure the longevity and lasting beauty of our ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Doors!

Saving the Environment in Style!

Composite wood materials are revolutionizing the garage door industry yielding further accessibility to consumers throughout the nation. Not only are these garage doors architecturally appealing but are affordable at almost every budget level. With an infinitely available color spectrum, the ECO-Alternative series garage doors can be painted in any shade of color that will enhance the beauty of any home. Additionally, faux stain finishes give these eco-friendly garage doors the luxurious look of solid wood grain that won't break the bank! Over the years and through vast experimentation Dynamic Garage Door has developed finishing techniques that are mastered by our artists to give you the closest approximation to nature's natural wood grain (second only to nature's own).

The ECO-Alternative garage door series is Dynamic Garage Door's unique way of pitching in to help save our environment for future generations. This collection has a variety of styles ranging from Tuscan Renaissance garage door styles to Contemporary garage doors and Mid Century Garage Doors. It is an eclectic mixture of garage door styles that can be "faux-stained" to simulate the natural grain of wood or simply finished in a smooth high grade paint finish that will make heads turn. Select your custom design from any of our collections or your own and make an eco-statement in luxurious style!