Monday, November 21, 2011

Jeld-Wen Discontinues Garage Doors

A Better Garage Door Option to Jeld-Wen's Discontinued Product

Jeld-Wen has announced that as of October 6, 2011 their garage door product line has been discontinued. In the midst of all the confusion, uncertainty and continued need for a product line that is similar, if not better in quality, Dynamic Garage Door is proud to re-introduce our Custom ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Door series. Although, we've always carried this product line with great success and durability there are many customers still in the dark as to what options are available after Jeld-Wen's product line discontinuation. For many years, Dynamic Garage Door, has been manufacturing eco-friendly garage doors for customers throughout the state of California and most recently shipped to the remaining forty-nine states and abroad. We understand today's discerning home owner who is conscious about our natural resources while still requiring high-end construction that is not only durable but architecturally complementing.

Because we are Dynamic in breed, Dynamic Garage Door is able to supply our high quality garage doors to individual homeowners, general contractors and builders alike. We strive to perfect and continue evolving our garage door manufacturing techniques that offer durability, architectural value and all while pitching in to preserve our natural resources with our eco-sustainable materials that will last a lifetime. As we move forward and carve our way through the garage door industry we have proven our unique product has dazzled architects, designers and homeowners throughout the state of California.

Are you looking for a Jeld-Wen replacement garage door? Dynamic Garage Door is here to help! Check out our ECO-Alternative Garage Doors and see for yourself why Jeld-Wen's garage door discontinuation is nothing to worry about...

Friday, November 4, 2011

The ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Door!

ECO-Friendly Garage Doors

Our Composite wood garage doors are a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to custom wood garage doors. Eco-Alternative garage doors are handcrafted out of composite wood materials that look and feel like high-end custom wood garage doors at a fraction of the price. Dynamic Garage Door handcrafts ECO-Alternative garage doors at an eco-nomical price with 100% recycled wood fibers that are tough against cracking and or splitting. The result is a phenomenally elegant finish that resembles natural wood while being eco-friendly and eco-nomic!
ECO-Alternative Materials

Dynamic Custom Garage Doors are manufactured with Duratemp, a siding that is fabricated with a resin-induced synthetic surface layer that is cohesive to even the most extreme weather conditions. Paired with our top-quality hardware & nylon rollers allow our garage doors to perform in optimum condition. Duratemp, the brand, offers a lifetime warranty on exterior overlays against cracking or delaminating so long as the surface finish is maintained over the years. No cracking and no delaminating ensure the longevity and lasting beauty of our ECO-Alternative Custom Garage Doors!

Saving the Environment in Style!

Composite wood materials are revolutionizing the garage door industry yielding further accessibility to consumers throughout the nation. Not only are these garage doors architecturally appealing but are affordable at almost every budget level. With an infinitely available color spectrum, the ECO-Alternative series garage doors can be painted in any shade of color that will enhance the beauty of any home. Additionally, faux stain finishes give these eco-friendly garage doors the luxurious look of solid wood grain that won't break the bank! Over the years and through vast experimentation Dynamic Garage Door has developed finishing techniques that are mastered by our artists to give you the closest approximation to nature's natural wood grain (second only to nature's own).

The ECO-Alternative garage door series is Dynamic Garage Door's unique way of pitching in to help save our environment for future generations. This collection has a variety of styles ranging from Tuscan Renaissance garage door styles to Contemporary garage doors and Mid Century Garage Doors. It is an eclectic mixture of garage door styles that can be "faux-stained" to simulate the natural grain of wood or simply finished in a smooth high grade paint finish that will make heads turn. Select your custom design from any of our collections or your own and make an eco-statement in luxurious style!