Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern, Contemporary or Mid Century G Doors?

What is the difference between Modern, Contemporary and MidCentury Custom Garage Door Design Styles?

With the shift in architectural trends from the rustic styles of the old world such as Spanish Colonial, Tuscan Renaissance and Mediterranean into the more fine-lined designs of the modern world. We are beginning to hear classifications such as Mid Century, Modern and Contemporary architectural styles particularly in the custom garage door trade.

Mid Century Garage Door Styles refer to the fine-lined, minimalistic styles of the 50's and 60's. This style is known for its simplicity, functionality and carefree maintenance. Typically custom garage doors that carry this design trend are crafted out of warm stained wood species or left natural as in the case of teak. Although teak wood has been out of the garage door industry for many years it is making a comeback. The reason for this is the gorgeous natural grain that makes such a beautiful design statement that the actual garage door design doesn't have to be complex to showoff the beauty of natural wood. Additionally, teak wood is very oily which makes it a fantastic, carefree wood species to use in outdoor applications such as patios, furniture and, of course, custom garage doors!

Modern Garage Doors are unique in design and as with beauty it is in the eye of the beholder. There are absolutely no set rules in what is considered a custom modern garage door. Modern simply is the present day architectural trend. What is "in" for the current time and how differently unique it is from styles of the recent past. Normally modern garage doors are manufactured to suit the immediate functional and design need. For instance if the trend calls for frosted glass and stainless steel treatments then modern design would include those materials. Garage doors are no exception in the use of a variety of materials and being able to design, manufacture and make the combination of these functional in today's lifestyle is what Dynamic Garage Door does best! Just remember, modern garage doors will soon pass and will be a thing of the past; however, the time stamp modern architectural leaves today is the history that we will cherish tomorrow.

Contemporary Garage Doors make a futuristic statement of how architectural style will improve in the near future. Garage doors that are designed in a contemporary style make a bold statement. If anything defines contemporary in a single word it quite simply is defined as different. As garage door design changes over the years more and more homeowners want a truly unique design that speaks about their personalities and what makes them unique as individuals. Dynamic Garage Door caters to this need through contemporary garage door designs that not only complement architectural styles of the contemporary world but also the unique taste and personality of the homeowner, architect and/or contractor. We are not afraid to come up with defiantly different designs that others wouldn't even fathom ever producing. This is why many of our garage door styles are unrivaled, unparalleled and simply incomparable.

For those of you who looking for something unique and you've been told it can't be done, bring your ideas to us. We will work with you step by step to make your vision a reality in a masterpiece others simply refer to as a garage door!